Project Fallout
The Fallout
Project Fallout, an aptly named weapon of mass destruction is reported missing along with the group of scientists working on it. You wake up to find that you have no memory of who or where you are, but you are being interrogated by unknown authorities about a weapon you have no recollection of. You heard the authorities say that you wiped out your own memory before their arrival. Now you know that you have to escape from their captivity and find out who you are, and what happened
Difficulty level: Easy
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Chamber of Hocus
Novus Escape Room - Chamber of Hocus
Mr. Hocus, a notorious criminal who dabbles in the art of magic and uses it in his crimes, has again escaped unscathed from a heist. The hallmark of all his crimes are playing cards bearing the message ‘Hocus Pocus, can you find Hocus?’ He is known to be a dangerous man with a wicked sense of humour. In your search for this wanted magician, you and your team have stumbled into his mysterious Chamber of Hocus in hopes of capturing him once and for all…
Difficulty level: Medium
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The Greatest Murder of Westwood
Novus Escape Room - Greatest Murder of westwood
Westwood, 3rd Feb 1991 – A burnt body was found in a bathtub earlier this morning. The victim was identified as Robert Mckinsey Atkinson, male, 25. This will be another inclusion to the already alarming body count of the recent serial murder case. The serial killer, dubbed by the public as “The Symbol” is still at large, leaving puzzle pieces for the police at every crime scene, taunting their incompetence. You and your team of detectives are working on this case closely and have arrived at the next crime scene, only to be knocked out mysteriously…
Difficulty level: Hard
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