Q. What is the recommended age limit?
A: Where there is no age limit, players under the age of 18 require a signed waiver from a parent/guardian. In addition, any player under the age of 16 will require a paid adult in the game room with them.

Q. Do you operate every day and what time is the last game session?
A: No, We are closed Monday and Tuesday. If you are looking to book on these days please contact us @info.boynton@novusescaperoom.com to see if we can accommodate you during nonoperational days

Q. What is your operation time and each room’s time?
A. Our store operates from 2:00PM – 8:30PM on Wed, Thursday and Friday, Saturday 2:00PM -9:30PM and Sunday 2:00PM – 6:00PM. Appointment only.

Q. How long does one game session last?
A. Each game session includes 60 minutes of gameplay plus an additional 5 minutes if the time bender character is chosen.

Q. What type of attire is suitable?
A. Comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to move around are recommended because there will be slight physical obstacles in the games

Q. Is the game suitable for the weak-hearted, pregnant ladies or those with disabilities?
A. Some of our games might have some surprise elements and minimal physical obstacles such as climbing or crawling. However, if they are not keen on continuing the game, our game masters will guide them out of the room immediately as requested.

Q. What is the maximum number of players in a room?
A. The maximum number is 6. If you have a group of more than 6 people, we would advise you to split your groups into 2 and take an extra room for better comfort and safety purposes.

Q. Any special offers or discounts?
A. Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/novusboyntonbeach or follow us on https://www.instagram.com/novusflorida keep yourself updated on special deals of the month!

Q.How do I use my e-Giftcard?
A. Any e-Giftcards must call to book an appointment 48 hours in advance. 561-810-0487

Q. Do I have to make a booking online or can I walk in?
A. Yes all bookings must be through our website florida.novusescaperoom.com/book. No walk ins.

Q. I am a solo traveler and do not have a group. Can I still join the game?
A. No, minimum player for a game session is 2 players hence we would still suggest you to invite some new friends along.

Q. I wish to bring my company/recommend Novus Boynton Beach to my company for team building/events. Will there be a corporate fee and who do I contact?
A. You may email info.boynton@novusescaperoom.com for discussion and corporate price.

Q. I wish to have a marketing collaboration with Novus Boynton Beach. Who do I contact?
A. Kindly email your details/proposal to info.boynton@novusescaperoom.com

Q. I am interested in franchising Novus Boynton Beach in my country or state. Who do I contact?
A. Kindly send your inquiry to business@novusescaperoom.com or click here for more information.

Q. What if I made a booking but am late for the session?
A. Please be on time for your game session to avoid cancellation of your booking as late arrival will affect upcoming game sessions. Your punctuality is very much appreciated.

Q. I made a reservation but I will be bringing more/less people with me to play. Do I need to call to let you know?
A: Yes, each player needs to reserve a spot in the chosen room to secure game play. Please have each player book a spot online or call to reserve the spot in advance.

Q. Can kids play?
A. Yes, we have many families that come play together. Our rooms are not scary however some children may be too young (under 10) to enjoy the mysterious music so it is at the discretion/risk of the parent to determine if it is an appropriate activity.