Breakout Characters

Breakout is the world’s first character-based escape room game. Each player assumes the role of a character with a special ability that can be used to aid the team in their attempt to solve puzzles and escape. When used strategically, these abilities can mean the difference between success and failure, or even allow you to set a new speed record!


The Lightbringer is equipped with a flashlight that can help illuminate vital clues in dimly-lit areas, or give up their ability in exchange for a hint.


The Scholar is given access to critical information about the difficulty and number of puzzles in the room. Armed with this knowledge, they are able to help their team mates decide when to use an ability, based on the difficulty of the current puzzle, and how many puzzles remain.


The Oracle has a premonition of things to come, seeing important scenes from the story that lies ahead. 10 photos must be memorized before entering the room, which will help the Oracle and their team mates stay focused on the most relevant features of each room.

Lock Master

The Lockmaster has the ability to bypass a single designated puzzle in the room. However, if players are able to solve this puzzle on their own, the ability can be used for a hint elsewhere.


Stretch the amount of time given to solve all of the puzzles and escape the room by giving your team an extra 5 minutes with the Timebender ability. Alternatively, players have the option to trade this ability for a hint on any puzzle.


As the twin of one of the other players on your team, you are given the same ability and benefits that they have.


By assassinating a teammate, the rest of the team is given an answer to any single puzzle in the room. The assassinated player is removed from play for 5 minutes and loses their special ability for the remainder of the game.


When a player has been assassinated, the Healer is able to restore that player’s ability and bring them back into play – or, they can choose not to save their teammate, and use their ability for a hint on another puzzle.